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2018 …. Now the Past

2018 dawned for me in a small town away from home with no much promises and colors. I didn’t know what was in store for me. Infact, I was scared to step into the new year because I was clueless about the whole plot called life. But 2018, turned out to be good. It was… Continue reading 2018 …. Now the Past


WTRC 2019

When this year was a happy one, what took a back seat was my reading and writing. So, in 2019 I intend to rectify that. The WTRC 2019 is here, and signing up with the hope to read more, write more and make this pace of mine a little for alive. The WriteTribe reading challenge… Continue reading WTRC 2019

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Live the Present.

Every day of mine starts with the constant ringing of my alarm for some years now. Then the usual rush to be ready and out of the door within the time frame. But from the past one month, the routine after that just changed. Earlier if it was to get to office fighting the morning… Continue reading Live the Present.