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A distant emotion …

She had planned to open that champagne To exchange that ring for a solitaire To go shopping and celebrate with a cake To laugh out loud and call up all her dear ones It was the day she let off her baggage The day she felt unbounded But nothing happened When everything was done and… Continue reading A distant emotion …



Dear Best friend aka fellow Geminian With your wedding just hours to go I feel there comes an end to an era of our friendship From college girls to grown up independent women We have come a long way Picking and dropping so much Memories, incidents and people all these years Knowingly or unknowingly you… Continue reading Dear,

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A Date With Her

Woke up to her messages.  Took the phone to the loo and chatted with her. She was all packed to take that flight away from life, at least for a while. And I am still here, questioning myself about the trip booked two days ago under alcohol influence. But the next morning everything looked so… Continue reading A Date With Her

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She could smell payasam here at her room “Amu, take this and give this to him”Her mother called.After that I can have too,  she thought She dashed to the kitchen  Singing, she jumped each stair to himHe opened the door swiftly, as if  Waiting for her to ring the bell She gave him the dish, which he took  And called her inside, which she didShe stood there and looked around Same as her flat,… Continue reading #Metoo