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She could smell payasam here at her room “Amu, take this and give this to him”Her mother called.After that I can have too,  she thought She dashed to the kitchen  Singing, she jumped each stair to himHe opened the door swiftly, as if  Waiting for her to ring the bell She gave him the dish, which he took  And called her inside, which she didShe stood there and looked around Same as her flat,… Continue reading #Metoo

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Break Some Rules.

Have you ever thought, “Hell No, I’m done with these rules!”? I have. Plenty of times. Two days ago I was talking about the same with a friend of mine about how I am with some rules and restrictions that tags along with them.  I am not a person or never being one of them… Continue reading Break Some Rules.

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Don’ts of a Girl

Dear Daughter,Today let's talk about the Don’ts. In a society like ours you're going to face so many Don'ts, even for the smallest things you do. So let me give you a heads up on them …Don't play with cars or superheroes, its dolls for you. Don't talk too loudly, girls only talk in hushed… Continue reading Don’ts of a Girl

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I killed my Child in the Future

Dear Child,  I'm sorry. I'm so sorry my dearest daughter … I'm going to kill you before giving you a chance to live. I'm sorry for snatching away your right to live, even when you're just my dream. I always wanted you to be mine. Dreamt and loved you like forever now. But now I don't want… Continue reading I killed my Child in the Future

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O for … #AtoZChallenge2016

"Omkari"She shuffled between the curtains and peeped into her mom's bedroom. A man was there. Every time a different man will be there. Sometimes more than one. Sometimes the same one comes again and again.  "Amma who are they.""They are my patients’ beta. I'm their doctor. I treat their pain and heal them.""Next time when you… Continue reading O for … #AtoZChallenge2016