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Not Sad, Just Empty.

These mornings I wake up with a sinking feeling in my pit. I feel like heavy weights been kept on my shoulders and knees. As if something is pulling me down further into the folds of bed and not allowing me to get up. I am not sad, but just empty. Still, I wake up every… Continue reading Not Sad, Just Empty.

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Connect and Stay Together …

Dear Son, Happy Birthday to you! You would have been 21 if you were still here, with us. Now as you are in a place where age is not a factor (believe so) you are still 20 and going to be that forever. Yesterday we thought to celebrate your day, by getting your favorite cake.… Continue reading Connect and Stay Together …

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Ending up??!!??

When I was in my second year of college, a senior committed suicide. The reason was she couldn't cope up with her father’s death. He was a cancer patient. So the moment she came to know that he failed to cancer she took her life. When I heard this, didn't even feel a pinch of sadness for… Continue reading Ending up??!!??