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Unsend Letter – To Best friend…

Dear Best Friend aka Favorite Cousin,Howdy? 😀 … You still have not whatsapped me your gown pic. Yea, know it has been send for alternation, but still the curiosity is bubbling like anything. We have been cousins from birth, but it took 15 years for us to know each other well and become friends best… Continue reading Unsend Letter – To Best friend…

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Priceless Gift

"Mumma... What's in there?" .... Arnav asked his mother."A gift for you""Gift? What gift? Car? Aeroplane?""No darling""Then what? Can I see it mumma?""Not now. You'll have to wait.""How long?""Until it's time"......................"Daadi, when will mumma come home?""In a few minutes beta.... with your gift."Arnav wondered about this gift. Everyone have been telling him about this. But… Continue reading Priceless Gift

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Happy Post! :)

No new ideas! No new incidents! No new emotions! No new stories! Nothing! Then why not make the people in your life the subject of a blog post? Why not scribble about them?One thing that always surprises me and makes me happy is the people I have in my life. Surprised coz, does everyone get… Continue reading Happy Post! 🙂