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If we were having coffee … #04Nov

    If we were having coffee Which will rarely happen, You'll be having a black coffee or cappuccino And I'll be with my usual cold coffee   Do you know that's one of my favorite? Do you that I love coming to coffee shops Maybe with a book, or just alone Even though I… Continue reading If we were having coffee … #04Nov

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Extra can make you Extraordinary.

Dear Daughter,Have you ever noticed how the word Extra or Free on anything just brings a smile on to our face? When you get three chocolates at the price of two or 20% chips or buy one get one free promos, you feel as if your trip to the supermarket was just worth it. Now… Continue reading Extra can make you Extraordinary.

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Relations! A child play?

Every child, be it a girl or boy, dream about been married to their soul mate. Right before they learn to be independent they start looking for that special person all around. But then, why the divorce rate of the present generation is rocketing so much?Is this because, no one is ready to compromise? Or… Continue reading Relations! A child play?

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Brother, You are 14!

Happy birthday to you…Happy birthday…Happy birthday…Happy birthday to Achu.....  Clap. Clap. Clap.Blow the candles, close your eyes and make a wish... ... ...May all your wishes and dreams and hopes come true. May you get everything you want.  May you have all the happiness, smiles, joys, health, wealth, love, girlfriends, your Nike, Ray Ban, IPhone,… Continue reading Brother, You are 14!