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Treasures in Life

“I am done with you all.” … Saying this I went inside my room and slammed the door.Tears choked me and soaked my pillow. Eventually I slept off. When I woke up in the middle of the night hearing the buzzing of my phone this is want awaited me … Numerous missed calls, whatsapp messages… Continue reading Treasures in Life

Life, Love, People come into your life for a reason

Happens for a reason …

" … The moment you walked inside the room I knew we were connected. Not by persons or personalities, touch or sight but through our souls. Don’t know why you came and left in a hurry from my life, but we were meant to meet. To know… To give a piece of each other to… Continue reading Happens for a reason …

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Best Decision Ever Taken.

Seeing her daughter as a bride Priya felt her life complete. Her Pari has grown up and is off to built her own family. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Twenty years ago, when Priya first stepped into Shishu-Bhavan she was not sure about what she was doing. All sort of questions and doubts were pondering in her mind. But the… Continue reading Best Decision Ever Taken.