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I love/hate you, Mom.

It’s said that that a girl’s best friend is her Mom. But not for me. "Mom, I love you." This is something I have never said to my mom. I think we Malayalis lack this expressing their love in words. Anyways I do. Only once I have wished my mom on her birthday in FB… Continue reading I love/hate you, Mom.

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P for … #AtoZChallenge2016

"Paa ...” “Happy Birthday, Paa.“She walked inside the hospital room with a big smile and a cake.There was a fragile looking old man inside. When heard the voice he looked up with amusement. “Birthday? Whose?”“Yours Paa. It’s your Birthday today.”Seriously?! Awe. Thank you Doc. But why did you call me Paa, Doc?”“Aah … Ha …  I’m… Continue reading P for … #AtoZChallenge2016

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Sharing a Blogpost from another blog, My Little World, which I am completely in love with... PARI … (Angel) "Why are you doing this when you can have your own?",Mom asked furiously,almost in tears."Atleast think about the society.They will raise so many questions to you and your parents.They'll doubt your...",an acquaintance was trying hard to convince."You people… Continue reading PARI