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Heart Prints

A stack of old books came into her way while dusting their room. It was his. While shuffling through the books, she came across a book wrapped completely, as if he was afraid that the words will fly out if kept unbound. Out of curiosity she ripped opened it to reveal a diary, showing snippets… Continue reading Heart Prints

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A Compliment …

In school, the teacher told me to keep quietAnd stop complaining even thoughThe sweet boy next to me was bullying meThe principal in my college told me To shut my mouth and enlightened me that ragging Is a must for mental strengthMy boss demanded to prove myself multiple times For that promotion I deservedWhen my… Continue reading A Compliment …

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Patterns can be Wrong.

Settling down into the favorite corner of my couch, with the television running in mute, laptop on and a browser open with YouTube playing a song, I am desperately thinking about what to write on the prompt “Patterns”. This has been my life for some time now. Late nights are usually slouched in the couch;… Continue reading Patterns can be Wrong.

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Break Some Rules.

Have you ever thought, “Hell No, I’m done with these rules!”? I have. Plenty of times. Two days ago I was talking about the same with a friend of mine about how I am with some rules and restrictions that tags along with them.  I am not a person or never being one of them… Continue reading Break Some Rules.