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For You … A letter.

Dear You,One thing leads to another. One month leads to another. And one year led to eighth. Times flies yet makes us realize that indeed it’s a complicated journey.There are times I wonder, why you left so fast. Why you didn’t stay back to make more memories? You know what I miss about us the… Continue reading For You … A letter.

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The One That Got Away

If I say “I miss you" that would be an understatement. I miss the fact that you're missing life and the things that might have happened in your life. I miss seeing your face pop up in my social media.I miss your existence.And that sneaks hatred into me. I hate that you would remain ageless… Continue reading The One That Got Away

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Simple happy blessings…

The most unpredictable thing in this world is life. It moves on with its ups and down. One day it can be a boring routine. And the next minute, an exciting roller-coaster. And there are those moments, when we get those unexpected pleasant moments, which gives us a happy surprise. Those moments when you feel… Continue reading Simple happy blessings…