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Heart Prints

A stack of old books came into her way while dusting their room. It was his. While shuffling through the books, she came across a book wrapped completely, as if he was afraid that the words will fly out if kept unbound. Out of curiosity she ripped opened it to reveal a diary, showing snippets… Continue reading Heart Prints

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72 Hours

She was waiting in the airport terminal for more than an hour now. His flight had been delayed, the board says. She got another two more hours to kill alone. She felt angry. Three hours out of the 48 hours they get. Time races as if on a F1 race when they're together. They barely… Continue reading 72 Hours

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If we were having coffee … #16Sept

If we were having coffeeI would detail each minute of my life from the day you leftWe would talk and laugh and cryOver you missing all thoseIf we were having coffeeI would tell how much it broke meYou leaving just like thatI would tell how much it changed me foreverIf we were having coffeeYou would… Continue reading If we were having coffee … #16Sept

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For You … A letter.

Dear You,One thing leads to another. One month leads to another. And one year led to eighth. Times flies yet makes us realize that indeed it’s a complicated journey.There are times I wonder, why you left so fast. Why you didn’t stay back to make more memories? You know what I miss about us the… Continue reading For You … A letter.