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Let’s Go

Hey,Let's get out of here Let's get out of here to a faroff land Not some exotic country but maybe to Russia, Japan or even Uganda Let's take off one day and meet midair as strangers Let's be co-passengers and introduce ourselves Let's say cheers to wine and laugh over the crappy airline food Let's… Continue reading Let’s Go

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Moving Away …

After ten years of marriage they sat across each other with light years of miles between them. In the silence each tick of the clock echoed their ears. Sometimes when people love each other fiercely, just a bit of a strain can be the reason for the brittleness of their relation. Years ago if it was… Continue reading Moving Away …

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Lost in two worlds.

She lived in a state of constant pain. Nothing done or seen or touch does not remind her of her beloved. Nights meant for those quiet moments..... talking..... laughing...... dreaming...... loving....  are now megaphones for her pain..... amplifying back so that it slams her into submission. There were no holiday’s..... there were no anniversaries..... no… Continue reading Lost in two worlds.