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72 Hours

She was waiting in the airport terminal for more than an hour now. His flight had been delayed, the board says. She got another two more hours to kill alone. She felt angry. Three hours out of the 48 hours they get. Time races as if on a F1 race when they're together. They barely… Continue reading 72 Hours

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Tomorrow will take care of itself.

I am a selfie person. Though I don’t share them in my FB feed 24*7; I do change my Whatsapp display picture regularly. And last week after so many months, I got some genuine comments from friends and cousins saying that I look my old self with a happy smile that reached my eyes. If… Continue reading Tomorrow will take care of itself.

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Extra can make you Extraordinary.

Dear Daughter,Have you ever noticed how the word Extra or Free on anything just brings a smile on to our face? When you get three chocolates at the price of two or 20% chips or buy one get one free promos, you feel as if your trip to the supermarket was just worth it. Now… Continue reading Extra can make you Extraordinary.

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Zindagi, You’re Beautiful!

‘Dear Zindagi’!My dear Zindagi … My dear life… What a beautiful mess you’re? What all you have taken me to? What all you have made me endure?But you know what? I always loved you, even when I hated you. All these years we have made so many infinite moments of smiles, tears, excitement, adventure, terror,… Continue reading Zindagi, You’re Beautiful!