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For You … A letter.

Dear You,One thing leads to another. One month leads to another. And one year led to eighth. Times flies yet makes us realize that indeed it’s a complicated journey.There are times I wonder, why you left so fast. Why you didn’t stay back to make more memories? You know what I miss about us the… Continue reading For You … A letter.

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I killed my Child in the Future

Dear Child,  I'm sorry. I'm so sorry my dearest daughter … I'm going to kill you before giving you a chance to live. I'm sorry for snatching away your right to live, even when you're just my dream. I always wanted you to be mine. Dreamt and loved you like forever now. But now I don't want… Continue reading I killed my Child in the Future

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Unsend Letter – To Best friend…

Dear Best Friend aka Favorite Cousin,Howdy? 😀 … You still have not whatsapped me your gown pic. Yea, know it has been send for alternation, but still the curiosity is bubbling like anything. We have been cousins from birth, but it took 15 years for us to know each other well and become friends best… Continue reading Unsend Letter – To Best friend…