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Unsend Letter – To Best friend…

Dear Best Friend aka Favorite Cousin,Howdy? 😀 … You still have not whatsapped me your gown pic. Yea, know it has been send for alternation, but still the curiosity is bubbling like anything. We have been cousins from birth, but it took 15 years for us to know each other well and become friends best… Continue reading Unsend Letter – To Best friend…

friend, M

Dear M,

This is my first open letter to you in all these years. Don't know what made me write this. Maybe the feeling of 'lemme get it out there' or arrogantly opening up myself in my own public space.Actually how's you up there? I have written to you numerous times and I know you have obviously… Continue reading Dear M,

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Ending up??!!??

When I was in my second year of college, a senior committed suicide. The reason was she couldn't cope up with her father’s death. He was a cancer patient. So the moment she came to know that he failed to cancer she took her life. When I heard this, didn't even feel a pinch of sadness for… Continue reading Ending up??!!??