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I love/hate you, Mom.

It’s said that that a girl’s best friend is her Mom. But not for me. "Mom, I love you." This is something I have never said to my mom. I think we Malayalis lack this expressing their love in words. Anyways I do. Only once I have wished my mom on her birthday in FB… Continue reading I love/hate you, Mom.

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A Coffee Affair …

Most of the coffee lovers spend their morning with the coffee as if it's their divine love. Me too actually. I hold my coffee mug for a few moments feeling the warmth of the cup on my hands, and then inhale its strong aroma and somehow I close my eyes doing that. Then the first… Continue reading A Coffee Affair …

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Thankful Day of the Week – #4 A Family Member

Not just a family member… but so many family members I am grateful for. A bunch of crazy people… My Cousins! Yes. All of them. They make all the special days more special, all the secrets more gossipy, all the tears more bearable, all crazy stuffs more crazy, all family secrets much more interesting …… Continue reading Thankful Day of the Week – #4 A Family Member

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Relations! A child play?

Every child, be it a girl or boy, dream about been married to their soul mate. Right before they learn to be independent they start looking for that special person all around. But then, why the divorce rate of the present generation is rocketing so much?Is this because, no one is ready to compromise? Or… Continue reading Relations! A child play?