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I am sacred

I am scared To be with someone To be vulnerableTo open up enough to someone to break or make my heartTo be his 2am innocenceOr his 6am loveTo be his surety in uncertaintiesOr his existence in doubtsTo be his smiles in tearsOr his confidence when shatteredTo be his light when darkOr to hold his hand… Continue reading I am sacred

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Unapologetically be Unique. – #U

Dear Daughter, People around us make our life beautiful. But you cannot love all the people. And all the people won’t like you too.When you have like-minded souls around you it will make your days and times much better. These people accept you for who you're. Love you for your wilderness and weirdness. And they no… Continue reading Unapologetically be Unique. – #U

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If we were having coffee … #16Sept

If we were having coffeeI would detail each minute of my life from the day you leftWe would talk and laugh and cryOver you missing all thoseIf we were having coffeeI would tell how much it broke meYou leaving just like thatI would tell how much it changed me foreverIf we were having coffeeYou would… Continue reading If we were having coffee … #16Sept

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Come back. Even as a shadow, even as a dream.

Today I saw, no heard death, not once but twice. Morning I woke up to a blogger friend’s mom passing away and in the evening a colleague’s. She called me in between a meeting and said crying her mother was seriously admitted and chances are low. But after half an hour a call from India… Continue reading Come back. Even as a shadow, even as a dream.

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Tomorrow will take care of itself.

I am a selfie person. Though I don’t share them in my FB feed 24*7; I do change my Whatsapp display picture regularly. And last week after so many months, I got some genuine comments from friends and cousins saying that I look my old self with a happy smile that reached my eyes. If… Continue reading Tomorrow will take care of itself.