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M for … …

M day of the Challenge!Today it's "Memories".College for me was supposed to be KJo’s sets. The same masti, romance and studio classrooms like in SRK movies. But first day in college made me realize KJo is a film maker and SRK is an actor and there college is a set and here it’s real life,… Continue reading M for … …

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 A friend is a person with whom you dare to be yourself – Anonymous  Yea, a friend is someone with whom we are our true self. With whom you let down all your guards. With whom you never have to worry how you look, how your clothes, make-up or hair or nails is. You just have… Continue reading Friend!

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Happy Post! :)

No new ideas! No new incidents! No new emotions! No new stories! Nothing! Then why not make the people in your life the subject of a blog post? Why not scribble about them?One thing that always surprises me and makes me happy is the people I have in my life. Surprised coz, does everyone get… Continue reading Happy Post! 🙂