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Unapologetically be Unique. – #U

Dear Daughter, People around us make our life beautiful. But you cannot love all the people. And all the people won’t like you too.When you have like-minded souls around you it will make your days and times much better. These people accept you for who you're. Love you for your wilderness and weirdness. And they no… Continue reading Unapologetically be Unique. – #U

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Kindness – A boomerang Effect.

Dear Daughter,I believe that kindness is one of the most important virtues because it is an important basis in everyday life. It is a strong moral to have. Kindness can be giving a simple smile or helping someone cross the street. We can use this virtue in every situation. When your in a good mood… Continue reading Kindness – A boomerang Effect.

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Happiness Over Hatred

Dear Daughter, How are you in handling "hatred"? Are you the kind of person who keeps the anger inside you burning till it turns to the strong emotion hatred? There was a time until very recently I was such a person. I couldn't tolerate backstabbing and even now I can't. I can't tolerate broken promises. So… Continue reading Happiness Over Hatred

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Extra can make you Extraordinary.

Dear Daughter,Have you ever noticed how the word Extra or Free on anything just brings a smile on to our face? When you get three chocolates at the price of two or 20% chips or buy one get one free promos, you feel as if your trip to the supermarket was just worth it. Now… Continue reading Extra can make you Extraordinary.

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Don’ts of a Girl

Dear Daughter,Today let's talk about the Don’ts. In a society like ours you're going to face so many Don'ts, even for the smallest things you do. So let me give you a heads up on them …Don't play with cars or superheroes, its dolls for you. Don't talk too loudly, girls only talk in hushed… Continue reading Don’ts of a Girl

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Create your Creation

Dear Daughter, You may think why I'm writing to you even before you were born and also about such trivial issues. It's because now at my late 20s I came to an understanding that all those things I thought were important till yesterday were just not. And there's much more in this world. I want… Continue reading Create your Creation