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She was not born as a talented writer. But the love for words and stories determined her to be a writer. She felt alive when her nose is deep buried inside a book. When the time came to decide what to do with her life, she knew she wanted to change the world through her… Continue reading Drabble

100 Words on Saturday

Home Atlast

Been child of divorced parents, her childhood was a race between hostels and parents places. On very vacation, either of them would take her to some foreign countries. But, most of the time they would be working and she will be confided in hotel rooms along with her help. So this is the first time she… Continue reading Home Atlast

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Priceless Gift

"Mumma... What's in there?" .... Arnav asked his mother."A gift for you""Gift? What gift? Car? Aeroplane?""No darling""Then what? Can I see it mumma?""Not now. You'll have to wait.""How long?""Until it's time"......................"Daadi, when will mumma come home?""In a few minutes beta.... with your gift."Arnav wondered about this gift. Everyone have been telling him about this. But… Continue reading Priceless Gift