2018 …. Now the Past

2018 dawned for me in a small town away from home with no much promises and colors. I didn’t know what was in store for me. Infact, I was scared to step into the new year because I was clueless about the whole plot called life. But 2018, turned out to be good. It was challenging myself to take that extra step to seek out my own happiness and crave a space in my world. It pushed to work hard. To walk that first mile towards things I dreamt off or scribbled in all the goal books. It put in an ocean of strangers, told me to survive there. But I not only survived but lived with a big smile.

Only things that took a back seat was my blog and reading list. No complaints, though. But just hoping to get through them, this 2019.

Every year gives you something to take forward. One hard-earned lesson for life. Embrace that. It might take days or months to tackle that one small act/behavior/attitude. But, once you master it, then you will never regret all the hardships you had to endure.

Happy 2019 to all you people out there. May it make you stronger, wiser and happier.


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