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Known Stranger

I know you so well

Yet you’re a stranger to me

I believe that I know your soul

Yet I don’t know anything about you


Which is your favorite side to sleep?

Are you sound sleeper or a light one?

What do you wake up in the morning to Coffee or alarm?

When you see your better half sleeping when you open your eyes

Do you just leave her/him to sleep and leave noiselessly or

Cocoon her/him to you with a kiss?

Newspaper or walk around the house aimlessly, which is first?


What’s your first drink of the day?

Tea or Coffee before anything or that cup of juice on the breakfast table?

Which is your favorite meal of the day?

Are you grumpy or hippy happy at work?

Do you whistle and sing while driving or lost in thoughts?

Do you call your loved ones from work randomly?

Do you patiently wait for that break so you can just breathe?

Are you a party animal or a loner?

Do you prefer noise or a calm night near the fireplace with a whisk of wine?

Are you a hugger or touch-me-not?

Do you check your clock for that me-time or family-time is everything for you?

Do you check up your siblings and cousins now and then?

Or just pour out love when you see them once in a blue moon?

Do you dream of going back to where it all started?

Or dream about going farther away from there?

Do you feel grateful for each moment or regret for the lost?

Do you smile looking at your partner just giving out a prayer to the universe?

Do you smile often?


Do you ….

Do you ….


There are many details I know about you

Yet, many mundane pieces of stuff I’m not aware of

And maybe,

That is why you are still a stranger to me

A known stranger.

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