Dear Best friend aka fellow Geminian

With your wedding just hours to go
I feel there comes an end to an era of our friendship
From college girls to grown up independent women
We have come a long way
Picking and dropping so much
Memories, incidents and people all these years
Knowingly or unknowingly you have been a strong part of me
That person whom I could just blabber what’s actually there
You never judged
You never read me wrong
You always said in face when
Something felt not right for you
Without been loud you just was there
Hope I was the same for you too.
Don’t let anything change you
Don’t lose the good and hope you have in you
Don’t let responsibilities and commitments make you different
Rather, may they gives you a hand
To be strong and more beautiful from within
May new rules in life add much more beauty to you
May happiness and blessings bestow upon you
And if some not-so good times happen
May your happiness gives you strength to tackle them all
And may our friendship just gets stronger as years pass
Because I don’t want to loose a soul like you from life.

1 thought on “Dear,”

  1. Those are some lovely words Sheethal. I was once in the same situation when my best friend got married and went through an emotional roller coaster as even the feeling of her priorities being changed was something i could not digest for long. She was with me along the way though anyway help be maintain my sanity 😛


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