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If we were having coffee … #04Nov




If we were having coffee

Which will rarely happen,

You’ll be having a black coffee or cappuccino

And I’ll be with my usual cold coffee


Do you know that’s one of my favorite?

Do you that I love coming to coffee shops

Maybe with a book, or just alone

Even though I barely do that


If we were having coffee

We would have this trouble

To have a proper conversation

To have a one-to-one talk


There’s a distance between us

Which was never there before

That time and situations contributed

Which keeps on growing as days pass


If we were having coffee

I would try to erase the

Misunderstandings, fear, doubt

We have for each other


I would try to recreate the

Love, bond and the easiness

We had for each other

And which we lost along the road




Are we ever going to have that coffee?





13 thoughts on “If we were having coffee … #04Nov”

  1. Love your take on the coffee prompt. It’s very different from others. The question in the end makes me curious as to what might have transpired between the two. Maybe a cup of coffee would have helped to erase all the misunderstandings.

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