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Heart Prints

A stack of old books came into her way while dusting their room. It was his. While shuffling through the books, she came across a book wrapped completely, as if he was afraid that the words will fly out if kept unbound.

Out of curiosity she ripped opened it to reveal a diary, showing snippets of writings in bold messy letters.


Today I saw a woman, 
With a mind that leaves butterflies in your soul. 
                    You just have to feel her presence once to remember her forever.    
She turned to next page
Today I saw her again, and she smiled at me.
The intoxicating, whiskey sipping, skinny dipping smile.
Then next…


I feel as if she had magnets in her bones, for the iron in my blood. 
The strength with which she pulls me towards her,
 Just with her eyes is unbelievable.
Then to another….


Even before she looked at me, 
I had begun our forever, 
Though she didn’t have any idea about that.
And ….
I want to fly
I want to live wild
To explore the unknowns
To walk the strange roads
She said ….
But she didn’t as to accompany her.
Is this an abrupt end to my forever?
Were the last lines …
After reading through all his writing she felt a pang of jealousy inside her, but yet she couldn’t restrict herself from smiling, to know that underneath the stranger she married, there is a man who has sailed through love and had strong heart prints in him. And now it’s up to her, to give rebirth to the poet in him.
Snippets Courtesy: Atticus


I’m participating in the Write Tribe Problogger October 2017 Blogging Challenge through October. #WriteBravely
Today’s Prompt – “Heart prints”



Adding this to #MondayMusings too


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12 thoughts on “Heart Prints”

  1. I loved this take on the prompt Sheethal. Despite seeing her husband writing about his love for another women you showed that angle where she felt happy to know a different him altogether! Loved it ❤


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