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Tomorrow will take care of itself.

I am a selfie person. Though I don’t share them in my FB feed 24*7; I do change my Whatsapp display picture regularly. And last week after so many months, I got some genuine comments from friends and cousins saying that I look my old self with a happy smile that reached my eyes.
If someone told me some years ago, that today I will be sitting in a pothole of emotions surrounded by so many queries about life itself, I might have mocked them. I was a person who had her perfect plan for life mapped out right from the age of 12. I knew what I wanted to do, I knew where I wanted to live, knew when not to fall in love, I knew which all countries I wanted to explore, knew the kind of house I wanted, I knew when to get married, how many kids I wanted, even had my retirement plans planned out. But none, absolutely none, worked out. To start with, I didn’t study what I wanted to (now I am), didn’t change cities when I wanted to, found love and lost, married at the wrong time and the wrong soul, my need of house changed to home, idea of parenthood changed, my perception for exploring changed, my opinion about life itself changed.
And all these took a toll on me.
Initially faced with adversities, I fought silently and came out of it with stronger wings and strength. I had this “I don’t care, it’ll be alright” attitude in me. The moment I lost it, I lost myself. I lost my happiness and basked in insecurities.
But recently something snapped inside me. I was all set to close down the unwanted chapters and people in my life, but that also didn’t work out as planned. That moment, I came to understand no matter what I do, no matter how much I stress out about my tomorrow’s, it will just happen as it is meant to. The amount of stress I give as input is not going to result in a better output. Infact it’s just ruining my present.
And last week after reading Corine’s Monday musings, it just cemented by my thoughts. The realization that what you do, how much you worry, tomorrow will definitely take care of itself. You don’t have to do much; you don’t have to worry much. You just have to do whatever you have to do today. And tomorrow will happen. Just like that. Stop worrying and start living.
My life is full of chaos at the moment. But I am ok and I am happy.
Title & Post idea courtesy: Corinne Rodrigues Of EverydayGyaan
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26 thoughts on “Tomorrow will take care of itself.”

  1. I thought that I read the title before. 😀 It's true, tomorrow will take care of itself. Nothing to gain by worrying about it today other than ruin the present. I am amazed to know that you had everything figured out at the age of 12, Sheethal. At least you had given some thought toward life. That's wonderful. Wishing you the very best in life, Sheethal. Hugs,


  2. I'm happy that you are happy, and that that gives you strength to face the chaos. Being happy with who we are is very important too.

    PS: The current selfie is just so you, specs and all 🙂


  3. Hey Babe. So much happened and I am yet to catch up with you. You will be fine and just like you said, tomorrow will take care of itself. I believe in going with the flow. Only good will come to you. Stay strong. 🙂


  4. Dear Sheethal – this too shall pass. Keep this in mind and I pray that you sail through. I could see a lot of myself in you- I too always make elaborate plans for life and work towards them. But sometimes life has other plans


  5. Inner peace and happiness is the key to leading a life full of joys. When we are satisfied with who we are or where we are; thats when we actually start living. Its good to note that you are there and will be filling your life with more positive things


  6. Yay for you: happy and strong:-) So many good advice in this post, and so well written, wanna hang it on the wall and read it again and again… Yes, today is all that matters. Whatever happens will happen and life will find a way. Wish you all the best sweet Sheethal:-)


  7. Loved the honesty in this post, Sheethal. Indeed, tomorrow will take care of itself. Today's joys are to be enjoyed and not to be shelved for tomorrow's chancy worries. Keep going, stay happy. Hugs!


  8. One has to understand that life goes by its own plan. It is absolutely unwary of what you want as a soul. Happy that you have realised it. I too took some time before I could realise this truth of life. All the best


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