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Treasures in Life

“I am done with you all.” … Saying this I went inside my room and slammed the door.
Tears choked me and soaked my pillow. Eventually I slept off.

When I woke up in the middle of the night hearing the buzzing of my phone this is want awaited me … Numerous missed calls, whatsapp messages and texts.

Even when I slammed my door on to others, they make sure I’m still there within their arm’s length. People in my life are my greatest treasure. No matter what happens in life, I’ll be forever rich. 

35 thoughts on “Treasures in Life”

  1. I have come ro believe that family is the greatest treasure one could have. This family includes people bound by blood or heart. But the right people are the best treasure once could get.


  2. This is so true! We need a strong support system in life to make it through all that life throws at us. Our families and friends really are treasures that stick by us through thick and thin.


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