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O for … #AtoZChallenge2016


She shuffled between the curtains and peeped into her mom’s bedroom. A man was there. Every time a different man will be there. Sometimes more than one. Sometimes the same one comes again and again. 

 “Amma who are they.”

“They are my patients’ beta. I’m their doctor. I treat their pain and heal them.”

“Next time when you treat can I be with you Amma?”

“No beta. You shouldn’t. You should be in your room when someone comes here. Ok? Promise me?”

“Promise Amma.”

She doesn’t remember her dad. But her mom has told that he left them when Omkari was little. She was her mom’s light, that’s why she named her Omkari meaning light. When she was old enough understand Omkari came to know that it was her father who married promising her a dream world, who sold her into the flesh market. Once in it’s a never out part of the world.

But one day, she’ll take her mom out of this. 

She promised herself.  


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