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Unsend Letter – To Best friend…

Dear Best Friend aka Favorite Cousin,

Howdy? 😀 … You still have not whatsapped me your gown pic. Yea, know it has been send for alternation, but still the curiosity is bubbling like anything. We have been cousins from birth, but it took 15 years for us to know each other well and become friends best friends. And after that there was no looking back.

I seriously don’t know what to write to you, except for the same thing I have told/written to you many times. You are someone I could never replace for anything in life. You have known me right from my teenage day’s tantrums to my dovey love phase to the so-called adult stage. And should say, you are the only one I didn’t mind sharing my room with.  You are one who could take no nonsense from me when say I’m fine when I actually am in a very crappy mood. We have always as every sisters planned this and that and everything that has to done together for our weddings. Now when you are in real going to get married in less than a week, I couldn’t even toast that drink for you. Missed going for elaborate wedding shopping’s, gossip sections, freaking out moments, should-I-do-this days to everything. And I hate myself for having to miss your D-day and see how gorgeous and happy you look. Sorry for that! Sometimes circumstances and situations don’t come our way. People like you are the best gift a person could ask for in a lifetime. Someone who we are so sure to be there for anything and nothing. Someone to whom we could be so blunt with and who no matter what won’t leave your side.

Wherever you go, I’ll be always there to bug you with my, “Are you happy?” or “Idiot, I miss roaming out with you.” phrases. And you better stay so happy in life, because I can’t stand a sad You.

I miss spending time with you, especially now.
Love you tons and loads.


– A Letter A Week, hosted by Nibha –

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