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Thoughts and Words…

After many years of solitude and hiding away from things that meant so much to her, today again she took her pen and notebook which was left abandoned to be dusted off in some lonely corner of her room. Turning the pages of the old book, she noticed her own beautiful handwriting depicting emotions and moments of everyday life from her past. The sight of her own wiring gave her the sorted inspiration to scribble down again.
Taking a fresh faded page, keeping her pen on top, she stared at the blank space waiting to be filled with the words oozing out of her thoughts.

But… like the once dusted book, her thoughts also seemed to have dusted off, leaving her back in the solitude zone… once again. 

14 thoughts on “Thoughts and Words…”

  1. I love that feeling we get when by chance we stumble upon something that was written and forgotten. Its such a lovely feeling to go back to being the old you and then wonder how much you have changed with the times… 🙂


  2. The last line is so beautifully done, Sheethal! I love the sentiment expressed here…words struggling to come out but perhaps not yet fully formed in the writer's consciousness. Very well done!


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