Life, Love, People come into your life for a reason

Happens for a reason …

… The moment you walked inside the room I knew we were connected. Not by persons or personalities, touch or sight but through our souls.

Don’t know why you came and left in a hurry from my life, but we were meant to meet. To know… To give a piece of each other to each other …

He read her words for the umpteenth time. They had met when he was in her city for a business party. She came up to him and introduced herself. They talked all through the night and when they left, she insisted that he see the city in moonlight. They walked around the place, embracing the beauty of the city, which looked even more spectacular in the moon. It was after dawn when they reached the doorsteps of her place and parted ways. He felt alone without her at the hotel room. But why? They were just together for a few hours? And still the prospect of going back, away from her made him feel so incomplete. And it was in that moment’s spree he decided to extend his business trip for a week.

For that whole week, he lived his days in her way. Completely away from stress and work pressure and like a kid who was so in love with life, enjoying each and every second. He never felt so happy and content with his life before, but now he never wanted this week to end. But everything has to end and this too did.

Back in his busy world, thou initially he tried to maintain his personal and professional life together, but before too long; he had to give up one. Knowingly or unknowingly he got tied up with his work leaving her behind. 

Now after two years, back in her city for yet another business meet, he read her message which she had send on the last day of his previous visit.

He felt a sudden urge to see her… but… what if she had moved on? What if someone else is there in her life?… then he would be unbalancing her life with his sudden appearance. He decided to leave all those questions unanswered… because as she said maybe there were only meant to be together for a short time…

12 thoughts on “Happens for a reason …”

  1. The presence of some people in our lives, however short it maybe, changes it in ways we couldn't imagine. Maybe that it is the beauty of it! You have captured that feeling so well 🙂


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