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Hey Baby…

How can a little baby who’s so tiny, that we actually hesitate even to touch him, wondering whether it would hurt him or make him uncomfortable, can be the center of everyone’s life all of a sudden?
Yesterday, I and a friend went to see another friend of us. And when we entered her room, next to her was lying a small bundle with just a tiny handsome rosy face peeping out. His face just made the time stand still and feel as if the world is so beautiful and made me think why we never thought before, that this little guy would be part of our gang sooner or later. Whenever we visit her, we used to buy her flowers and chocolates, that been her favorite, but yesterday we were thinking what are we going to get for the baby love.
I meet her the day I stepped inside my boarding school. Parents  been at the same country, added to our advantage and then and there started our friendship. Now after 15 years, I’m aunt to her baby boy. Awe… Life! Before I looked forward to meet her, but now I can’t wait to see the baby again.

Definitely children add so much beauty to our relations and to this very world. 
What you say?

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