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Two sides of a Coin

She had no other way than letting go off her child. Been unmarried, young and with a good future awaiting her, she can’t let a single mistake from her side to jeopardize her life and moreover her parents name and fame in the society. More than herself she was concerned about the humiliation her parents would have to face if anyone comes to know about the child of their daughter out of wedlock. The mere thought of this is what made her agree to give away her little one when the social worker in the hospital suggested her to give the baby for adoption. Except for the initial touch of her child she didn’t had any contact with him. Thou heart wrenching she saw her baby been carried away from her, who was completely unaware of what’s happening with him.

She and her husband had been waiting all their life for this. After bearing the agony for so many years of trying to have a child and miscarriages, this was a moment that was going to change their life forever and for good. They had been walking in and out of orphanages and foster homes to adopt a child. But something or the other always goes wrong and they were left disappointed each time. But today, everything fell in place and they were actually going to be parents to a baby. A baby with light brown eyes, jet black hair and a smile on his lips even when he’s sleeping. They were holding a baby boy which was going to be their own son in a few hours. The child she waited all this years to give birth and hold close to her bosom.

19 thoughts on “Two sides of a Coin”

  1. Brilliant..the title could not have been better. I loved the way – you kept it simple and non dramatic. Would look forward to more such posts from u – this month at UBC. Keep up the great writing…


  2. As a mother of two precious, adopted daughters, I enjoyed this. I know the pain of adoptions that did not pan out as well as the beauty of the ones that did. My girls are grown now, but I will always be thankful for the loving decision by their birth parents to allow them into our lives.


  3. Yin and yang… the girl was sad at having to give her child away, but a couple were only too happy to take the baby and care for him as their own. 🙂 Nice.


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