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She wondered what was going in Mia’s head? Even when near she felt faraway in her own world. In that world of hers what’s happening? Is it different from ours? Or is it a child’s dream land? 
Right from childhood Mia showed interest in music. She would be in a state of bliss when they played any melodies. Her mother thought maybe her child was musically gifted. But little did she know that even when Mia could hear everything around her, she would never able to utter a word and her brain had stopped developing when she was in her womb itself. And that shattered her world. 
But after all these years, the truth got registered in her. And now despite the odds, seeing her child completely immersed in music with a beautiful smile she felt blessed.

               I am taking part in Second Write Tribe Festival of Words 8th-14th December 2013. 
                                                           The theme for the day is Music. 

21 thoughts on “Blessed.”

  1. Yesterday I played flute and my friends played harp for people with Alzheimers. It's so true that music can touch people who are different and touch something deep inside them. I like your take on the Music prompt.


  2. I agree….parents sometimes cannot relate to the music their children like….or….when their child decides that they want to pursue it for a living…there seems to be something lofty about it. Thanks for sharing!


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