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My favourite Friend.

Seventh and the last day of Festival of Words. It was truly a festival with lots and lots of words, stories, personal experiences, excitement and happiness.

Glad I took part in this and get to meet so many more bloggers. Thanks to Corinne and to all the brains and imagination behind this.

Today for my last post of this series I am taking inspiration from Richa’s theme, “Seven things about the first person I get to see each morning”. If you haven’t yet been to her space…. just rush! 🙂

But here it’s not the first person I saw today, but about a person who influenced me years before and still doing.

Midhun aka MRM aka M.
1. A 6 feet (somewhere near) macho man. An athlete. You can’t just ignore his presence. If he’s somewhere near, then he’ll definitely hit your eyes.
2. A person with immense love for his family and friends and who don’t hesitate in showing that. He made sure everyone knew that family and friends are his first priority. And he’s extremely possessive about them.
3. No permanent rivalry with anyone. He would be your enemy this moment, but if you are in need, he will be the first person to give his hand.
4. He’s the one person who taught me to find happiness in small things. If one feels happy only when something great happens, then he’ll have to wait long for that, but when one finds happiness in small small things, then he’ll be always happy. 
5. A lover of branded stuffs, right from sunglasses to cars. And he’s always impeccably dressed and should say he got great sense in choosing his and others (which includes women too) attire.
6. He’s a females person. Chic magnet!!! (as Richa describes one of her friend). He’s just too good with words and the way he talks. And the best part is no girls will feel offended talking to him. He got great Respect for women.
7. We used to fight a lot through phone as we were seas apart. As am a very stubborn female,  it doesn’t take much time for his patience level to reach the peak point. And if you thought he will blast out, never! He, in his most sweet, calm, ever loving tone will say “Bye… take care… talk to you tomorrow”… and just disconnects the call. Grrrrr… that’s the way he expresses his anger. 

Thank God for that. Or else we would have killed each other a zillion times by now.
He’s not perfect. But I call him the ‘Imperfectly Perfect Man’.
He left this world Four years ago. But the strength with much he is remembered by all of us, even now just surprises me. I have seen many people near and far pass away, but this is one is still living more strongly each day through his dear ones. It’s like his friends and family near lets anyone forget that he was here among us and still is…
Recently I talked to a mutual friend of ours. He said he still couldn’t accept the fact that M was gone. Even thou it’s years since he’s gone, the vaccum he left is still the same. Guess that was the power of the life he led and his love for others.
We all think about life after death at one point or the other. But, I wish to live in the hearts of my dear ones like he lives now and forever.

This is my Seventh post to Write Tribe Festival of Words.


36 thoughts on “My favourite Friend.”

  1. First of all thanks for taking inspiration from my theme and that too for remembering such a wonderful person. I am so sorry to hear about the loss but then the fact that you are here writing about him on your blog makes us all believe he lived a good life. He made sure he left a mark in whatever limited years he could spend and that people often cannot do in a hundred years…

    It was a great festival ! brought many of us together 🙂



  2. This one left me sad … sheethal…lucky to have come across this post … people fill up our time … and den there are some so awesome like “M” who fill up our life ..even when they are gone.


  3. I'm sure he is in a better place now, happy and looking upon all his loved ones, making sure they're okay….

    On another not, that is the kind of person I wanna be… loved and loving. People should miss me when I'm no longer around 😛 Selfish, I know 😉


  4. Oh god,nothing is more terrible then losing your close friend.But don't worry he's with you & watching you from the heavens.

    I heartily loved all your post specially the “dark is beautiful” and “womanhood”.Thank you for following me sheetal.


  5. It's a wonderful tribute. May he be in peace where ever he is.

    Thank you so much for your every visit to my blog… even when i cannot do so. My sincere apologies to you. My new job is keeping me on my toe. and i could not even complete the challenge. I am short of 2 posts and my heart is breaking into zillion pieces to think of that.

    Thank you.


  6. HE did leave an hell of a mark in all of us!! But was blessed to have him in life!

    It was fun to get to know you more. I am loving this blogger space more n more as days and challenges pass. 🙂


  7. Yea, I am sure he's having a gala time up there 😉
    I am also there in that with you… we will leave an everlasting impression on our people when we are no longer here to bug them! 😉

    P.S. Girl, I missed you here…!!


  8. Thank you 🙂

    I enjoy reading your writings. And I haven't yet finished reading everything you wrote. Don't worry there's so much more time to do everything. Just take it easy on you!! Take care and see ya around! 🙂


  9. Beary hug to you too….

    Yeah, it was and still is difficult for them. But they are just coping up wonderfully and making his memories more lively each day.


  10. Sheethal dear… completely out of words…..with tears in my eyes and loads of love i thank u so much from my heart for such a wonderful tribute to our dearest one, as u have described, the imperfectly perfect man !!! U cudn't have done more…….Each word describes him 🙂

    God…..if given a chance i too wud like to thank him for the innumerable things he did to show his love….

    Thank u for letting him live through ur beautiful words and spreading the love he had in his heart……

    Hugsss……God bless u


  11. Sheethal dear….am completely out of words….with tears in my eyes and loads of love i thank u so much for such a wonderful tribute to our dearest Minu mon, as u have described, the imperfectly perfect man !!! U cudn't have done more….Each word describes him 🙂

    God…..if given a chance i too wud like to thank him for the innumerable things he did to show his love….

    Thank u dear for letting him live through ur beautiful words and spreading the love he had in his heart…..

    Hugggssss……God bless u


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