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It's been days since I wrote something here. Everyday I open up this space of mine, feel proud of myself for this, then when I move towards the 'New Post' page I just stare at the screen and the blinking cursor ready to move in accordance with my words. Time flies... but nothing... absolutely no… Continue reading Ramblings

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It’s raining Awards! :D

I first met Brandy during the A-Z April Challenge. And it was too good knowing her and her Jane Austen craziness, which even I share a bit. Now she have give me not one but two awards. Best Moment Award & Wonderful team Member readership Award. Awesome, No??For accepting the Best moment Award all you have to do is… Continue reading It’s raining Awards! 😀

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Sunshine Award #1, #2 & #3 and a Liebster Award!

I have been presented these awards ages before. But I have been procrastinating them. But yesterday brandy again bestowed upon me two more awesome awards  and felt guilty for not doing the old ones. So here I am doing my old ones... I've been nominated by Shanique Roca and Brandy for the Sunshine Award and a 3rd Sunshine Award and a Liebster Award from Kristen. Thank you… Continue reading Sunshine Award #1, #2 & #3 and a Liebster Award!