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Tring Tring…

Tring tring… the phone rang…

It might be him. “Gosh! I can’t stop the scooty in the middle of the road to attend the call.”… She thought.

She was supposed to meet him before one hour, but at the last moment some guests came and jeopardised her plans and she got stuck. And when she informed him that she’ll be late by one hour he was not that happy. He never liked changes in plans.

And now she’s on her way to him.

He might have reached and would be fuming impatiently coz of her delay. She grinned to herself imagining his face.

She stopped to the side of the road and checked the missed calls. Yea, it was him! She dialed his number and waited.

“Hello”…  A strange voice.
“Huh…..hello… who’s this? ”
“I am the police officer from the local station. The owner of this mobile met with a car accident and is taken to the medical hospital”…..

She felt as if life just flew out of her body. Numbness crept through her. When she regained her composure she hurried towards the hospital, praying that nothing wrong should happen and all her wild thoughts should remain as thoughts itself…………

(This post is part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda)

And this post got picked by as one of  the “WOW” post of the Week.

And Bhavya…. Thank you 😉 

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