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“When with you, I feel like doing all the crazy things.” – Statement of a friend when I questioned about his desire to snow mountain climb with me.

Guess, that mere statement defines Friendship. The freedom to able to do all the crazy things and the belief that the other one could accompany you even if its the most insane idea.  Friendship are those moments of blissfulness you feel when with each other. The moments you wanna store for a lifetime. We are in our true weird self when with an equally weird bunch. So in a way our friends define us. At those times, we just don’t care about anything or anyone, our profession, age or even where in the world we are. We are just ourselves.

Cheers to all those beautiful souls in my life, who brings out the insanity in me. 🙂

18 thoughts on “Friends!”

  1. =) I talked with my best friend from high school this last week–someone I haven't spoken with for 7 years. (Not my fault, believe me!) It took me back to all those insane things we used to do–road trips, late nights, dance hopping, creating the strangest songs in harmony… Ah, good memories.


  2. Yeah I guess we all need good frnds… thank Heavens you do have them. Loved ur words on frnds as for me I thought I had frnds now I have to think hard to understand why I don't have any who can really provide companionship for all I feel like doing with frnds. Some don't have the time, others don't share my interests. Sigh….
    I did a whole long post on this thing called friendship…but I guess even if u had the patience u would need some gud time to go through the entire…
    In case u r interested it's one old post called Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hai Kya…?
    Ur words reflected my own longing and I just loved it. 🙂


  3. Finding friends who have the same wavelength as ours is really a hectic job… but once you have them they are a treasure.

    Thanks for been here… and I din read your friendship post! 🙂


  4. That's the beauty of friendship.. not only do we want to do things together and don't mind the whackiness, they are the ones we can pull into something without a second thought.. the freedom to do that with anybody, well you consider them friends 🙂


  5. I read some where that friends are the god given siblings who are not blood related to u
    With out friends u can't relish ur joys or feel better in sorrows
    God bless


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