Nothing: It’s a state of mind. 

Nothing: It’s a place seen everywhere but still its nowhere. 

Nothing: It’s the happiness or the drained out feeling that tickles your tummy. 

Nothing: It’s the passion you feel for that one person.

Nothing: It’s the love you show through your not so insignificant actions. 

Nothing: It’s the word used when you wanna mask your true feelings with a smile. 

Nothing: It’s most used when you have so much to express.

Nothing surely is not Nothing but so much.

14 thoughts on “Nothing!”

  1. Good Morning Beautiful Wonder!
    Your post reminds me of a song . . from Billy Preston – the lyrics say:
    “Nothing from nothing leaves nothing – ya gotta have something – if ya wanna be with me . . . “

    AND – YOUR “Nothing” is Full of Promise and Possibility. You have begun my day with Joy. Thank you.

    Love & Love,


  2. Nice. So true. This is especially true when expressed by a teenager. I think often we're begging people to be interested enough to ask a second question, and if it doesn't come, why should we open up and share?


  3. Oopzz do I sound like a teenager??? 😀

    Very true about opening up n sharing. I believe if a person knows you really well, he/she could sense our situation.


  4. Your piece reminds of the Edie Brickell song called Nothing '…there's nothing I hate more than nothing. Nothing keeps me up at night.' I love that song, I hope you enjoy the serenity of nothingness.


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