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"When with you, I feel like doing all the crazy things." - Statement of a friend when I questioned about his desire to snow mountain climb with me.Guess, that mere statement defines Friendship. The freedom to able to do all the crazy things and the belief that the other one could accompany you even if… Continue reading Friends!



Nothing: It's a state of mind. Nothing: It's a place seen everywhere but still its nowhere. Nothing: It's the happiness or the drained out feeling that tickles your tummy. Nothing: It's the passion you feel for that one person.Nothing: It's the love you show through your not so insignificant actions. Nothing: It's the word used when you wanna mask… Continue reading Nothing!


What Type are you?

I happened to come across this site when I was wondering in Bhavya's Ishithaa. It analyses your personality based on your Blog. But how? No idea! But looks fun... so here goes about My type....The author of is of the type ISFP.ISFP - The ArtistsThe gentle and compassionate type. They are especially attuned their inner values and what other… Continue reading What Type are you?