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S for … …

Third week of the A to Z April 2013 Challenge! And today is S day


She first met me as a little girl. She saw me grow up into a woman. Saw the childish stubbornness in me. Have seen me in smiles, tears, stress, insecure, love and fear. Who knows me in n out. She have seen me in it’s original version… without any makeup, without any masks. The rawness in me and the polished self too. Have read my soul. Saw the genuine emotions in me at it’s extreme and purest form available. Laughed along with me and shared my happiness with a smile on her eyes. Lifted me up when I was sinking. Held me tight in her arms when I needed a comfort. Protected me under her wings until I wad ready to face the world. Stood by my side viewing all my crankiness and craziness without criticizing or judging and understanding that I needed all those. Provided me darkness and space to invade deep into darkness and pushed me into sunlight when I searched for a glow.
If she was a living soul, she would have been like another soul who shared my body. Would have been my best friend. Would have been more precious to me than anyone else. 
She’s the safest place in this earth for me. Where I could be myself.
P.S. She’s, My Room 😀
God Blez.

34 thoughts on “S for … …”

  1. You really must love your room very much. I have never stayed at one place for more than a few years so have never got attached to something like it.


  2. I read it twice before I saw the PS. Really good. Hey, as an aside I have been wanting to follow so I dont miss out on checking in but I dont seem to be able…are you having the same blogger issues as some or am I messed up?


  3. I thought She was going to be your mother. That is who 'she' would be for me. Nice twist that it is your room!

    I sent you a friend request on facebook – could be you didn't find me because I changed my profile picture (oops).


  4. I had a really close relationship with my room growing up too. A safe haven of my own. Now that I have 4 kid and a husband, I have no space that's just mine. hmmm, maybe I should see if I can change that. 🙂

    Thanks for visiting me blog over the challenge:)


  5. wow! it kind of reminded me of the connection I had with my room as I was growing up!!
    One of the many hassles of life is eventually you have to leave your room 😦

    A very well written post!!


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