October in 123 …

1.       Work was busy during the first half, and then it was ok. 2.       Settled in the new house. 3.       Dad’s in India and ‘m the sole owner of his car till he’s back.  4.       An evening at the Cornish. Alone. :)5.       Discovered that ‘m addicted to coffee to an extent and ‘m loving it.6.       Unexpected visits… Continue reading October in 123 …

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 A friend is a person with whom you dare to be yourself – Anonymous  Yea, a friend is someone with whom we are our true self. With whom you let down all your guards. With whom you never have to worry how you look, how your clothes, make-up or hair or nails is. You just have… Continue reading Friend!

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Moments makes happy Memories.

Small small things make you happy and leave a smile on your face!A book as a gift from a friend, unexpected visit of another one at work, "Miss you" message from the least expected ... all these make my day. And I appreciate every small things that makes me smile, even if it's just for… Continue reading Moments makes happy Memories.